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his website is dedicated to our old and pretty village of Blunham, about 50 miles north of London in England. The village is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 A.D. and nearly a thousand years later, has managed to keep it's rural village atmosphere. By clicking on one of the buttons on the left, you can take a photographic tour of the village, or find out about our most famous historical character and the history of the village from earliest times, or learn about the vital top secret operations that took place nearby at RAF Tempsford during World War 2.
his website, like the village itself, has had visitors from all over the world. Please do not forget to sign our guestbook before you leave. Due to the number of messages we have to archive them from time to time. click to visit ARCHIVE 2001 or ARCHIVE 2000.

here is also another good Blunham website (run by Colin Hinson) which has a lot of historical information about the village and photos from the past, which you can visit by CLICKING HERE.

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The time in Blunham NOW !
Time of day - no problem.....
It's remembering the CENTURY which is the problem in Blunham !

Dr. John Donne - poet and Rector of Blunham (1621-31)

Blunham is located where the red cross is on the map (below). Click on the red cross to get a closer view of Blunham's location.

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Click below to hear in REAL AUDIO the local BBC radio station, where Blunham and this website (!) were featured in 2001 during John Pilgrim's "Out and Around" programme.

Or click HERE to visit the BBC Three Counties website.


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