Original photo (now courtesy of our friend H. Geffen of Texas.

A bit of background:
I live in BLUNHAM , a small village in Bedfordshire, England, with my wife, PAM and my three children, Clare, Andy and PADDY . To see some of our family pictures, CLICK HERE

Pam and I are originally from London, and at least once a week I go to London (for work) to get my weekly 'fix' of car fumes. These days, I'm a marine broker, so ships continue to take up a lot of my time; luckily I love 'em so I have created some marine pages specially on the subject! Click on the bulkcarrier below to go there. I work as a Senior Vice President for a major international broking company.

As the webmaster of Blunham Cricket Club, I was recently elected Vice President of the Club

Among my interests are:
History, (well, I'm pretty ancient !)
Travel (We love travelling, and meeting people from around the world.)
All things maritime (well, it's my job....)
Cricket Village Cricket Club

Here are a few of the vessels
that I have been involved with.
Click on any of the pictures to find
out more about each one.

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