Views of Blunham

The west face of the church tower. You can see the Norman arch over the doorway.
The hands on the church clock face have got stuck at "ten to two" for some time now. In fact, the clock faces on the tower are only a 19th Century addition; the clock mechanism is 16th century (said to be one of the oldest in England), and was originally used simply to chime the hours on the church bells. In earlier centuries, the farm hands, being largely illiterate, could not read the time on clocks or watches, but relied on hearing the church bell to tell them the time when out in the fields. Although the (19th Century) external hands are stuck, the (16th Century) clock mechanism, half way up the inside of the tower, works perfectly to this day !!!!!
This picture holds a particular significance for a certain Canadian family, so in honour of their illustrious ancestor, Salusbury Gillies Payne, late of Blunham House, I am pleased to link their state and national emblems to the Blunham village site.